Revisiting Dixton

Aside from getting a Tribe 8 game going, I have two other things I want to expand on. The first is the setting that I started writing for the #ADX anthology. I had a lot of stuff I chopped out to try to get it down to a reasonable word count, but I’m simply not […]

Dixton Extra: Sigils

Got the draft (hit the link for the Google doc) completed for the Sigils in the Dixton setting. They are probably going to need some tweaking, but overall I’m pleased with how they turned out. Many thanks go to +Rob Donoghue for his channeling “hack” that helped set the mechanics up in my mind and +Cameron Corniuk, +Andy Hauge, +Jack Stephenson-Carr and +Mike Thompson for […]

Building a sneaky game

So, I have a basic outline of a city for a Thief/Dishonored style game. It has – or at least I hope it has – the elements a game like this needs. Slightly more advanced than the Renaissance; no multitudes of non-human races; a mysterious ancient civilization for some mystery and to provide an excuse for […]

Welcome to Dixton, Torcher!

The Fate Core Kickstarter ended on an enormous high note. So high, I think I might fail a drug test. I’m honored and humbled to be part of such an auspicious event…I actually think this is roleplaying history in the making. In honor of the Kickstarter ending, I offer a brief write-up of the setting I […]

Year of FATE: The Thief campaign

I’ve been thinking of the various games I’d like to try to kick off this year, and I’ve decided I want a handful of FATE games. Aside from running my Strands of Fate version of Tribe 8, I’ve wanted to do a Thief-style game for a very long time – and playing Dishonored is just adding […]


I was finally able to start Dishonored last night. Mental note: when trying to configure a hard drive and a little voice keeps telling me “You’ve done this before” don’t answer, “Yeah, so why isn’t this working?” and keep bashing my head against a wall for over an hour. It means you’ve done this before and […]

So no Dishonored for me

At least until I get Windows re-installed on my secondary drive. This is the second SSD I’ve had fail – both OCZ Vertex 2s. I guess they’re not the most reliable things on the planet, as the first lasted about 14 months before it croaked and the replacement lasted about 2 1/2 months. I love […]