Travel, Fate Core Style – Part 2

In Part I, I covered a few of the basic ways that travel can be handled. In this second installment I’ll give some examples of slightly specific Extras that can be used to add more detail to or just spice it up a little bit. These can either be used by themselves or possibly combined […]

Fate of Vimary character sheet

After a lot of tweaking, I finally got my character sheet done for Fate of Vimary. It’s interesting how just having the character sheet done makes things seem more concrete, more of a thing. The other awesome thing is while I’ve always created custom character sheets for various games, the tools available now totally beat […]

Fate of Vimary Gear and Weapons Draft

This took a while to figure out. There are numerous ways of handling weapons and armor in Fate Core. Balancing out the costs and how they work as extras is a pretty big deal, and is something there aren’t a huge number of guidelines for. Fortunately there are a lot of ideas out there. The […]

Draft Contacts/Social Stress write-up

This was the result of a lot of tinkering. It looks pretty solid without playtesting, but I think it will capture the feel I’m going for. There are a lot great thinkers on the Fate Core Google+ group who helped bounce ideas around, particularly +Jack Gulick. I’m also considering moving over to Andrew Jensen’s ideas on […]

Tribe 8 Extras (and thoughts on a project name)

Tribe 8 in Fate Core is coming along nicely. It’s gotten to the point where I have to plan what portions I  need to draft out in terms of Extras. Tribe 8 is a rich and well-developed setting, and there’s temptation to assign aspects and stress tracks to everything, which goes against what I’m trying […]

Fate Core Synthesis Draft

This is cross-posted from my other blog. Working on the Sigils extra was like clearing a logjam: I was able to get a strong start on adapting Synthesis to Fate Core. I realize the common wisdom with creating Fate Core settings is “start with the skill list!”, but in this case I felt starting from […]

Dixton Extra: Sigils

Got the draft (hit the link for the Google doc) completed for the Sigils in the Dixton setting. They are probably going to need some tweaking, but overall I’m pleased with how they turned out. Many thanks go to +Rob Donoghue for his channeling “hack” that helped set the mechanics up in my mind and +Cameron Corniuk, +Andy Hauge, +Jack Stephenson-Carr and +Mike Thompson for […]