Xeno: A Fate Accelerated Edition One-Shot

After nearly a month of posting six-days a week it’s not surprising that I’d miss a day. But real life does take precedence, and it’s better late than never. I also think that this was well worth it, because I’m presenting a highly focused FAE hack: Xeno. This is intended not only to show off […]

Invader Zim

Since Gir was so popular, here’s Zim in Fate Accelerated Edition terms. High Concept: I am Zim!¬†This one is self-explanatory. Trouble Aspects:Wooooo! Step 1 went smoothly! Zim’s plans often don’t work quite as well as he thinks they did.¬†Invoke to help make a plan work out well, compel to ruin it spectacularly. Gir! Earth is […]

Gir (And How Awesome Fate Accelerated Is)

Last week’s Flashback Friday was Teenagers From Outer Space, and that got me thinking about how it could work for newer animated shows such as Invader Zim. Then I realized that everything kind of maps over to Fate Accelerated Edition. Then I made a stab at writing up Gir in FAE. Before I deliver the […]