Language In Fate Core

No, not the language skill (the most useless kinds of skills in any rpg, IMHO, at least the way most game handle it). No, I’m talking about the use of language in Fate Core and how it affects the theme and mood of any particular game. There are a lot of questions that I see […]

FATE SF – Zones

This post is for the From The Zones community blog project, hosted over at Fate SF. I’ve never read the book in question, Roadside Picnic (which I’m going to rectify), but I think that I have a handle on the subject. So without further adieu, I give you the artifact known as the Tetragrammaton, in Fate […]

Mecha In Fate Core

One of the things in my bucket list is to do a Mekton-style mecha build treatment for Fate Core. I realize we already have build systems in settings like Camelot Trigger and Apotheosis Drive Exodus, but I have some slightly different ideas in mind than how they’ve handled mecha (which are, by the way, great) […]

Collaborative Campaigns

One of the things that is featured in Fate Core is collaborative setting building. It’s a clever device for a toolkit-like game with no predefined setting, and fits into the Fate philosophy rather well. From discussions I’ve seen about collaborative setting building from scratch, pretty cool stuff comes out of those initial sessions. But most […]

How I Adapted Tribe 8 to Fate Core

I was reading an RPG.Net thread and thought it might be helpful if I outlined the method that I used to adapt Tribe 8 to Fate Core. Of course a lot of this is in hindsight, because the adaptation was an iterative process starting several years ago with Spirit of the Century, moving to Strands […]

"Beneficial" Compels

It’s probably due to crosstalk, but a few different communities have had similar Fate Core discussions lately. Some of them featured rather generous interpretations of compels that look more like invocations, that I’m calling “beneficial” compels. I figured I’d string together a few thoughts I have about them. First, a little drawing I made: This […]

Is Fate Unchallenging?

One of the things I see on occasion in discussions about Fate is how the game comes across as unchallenging. Throw a whole bunch of stacked modifiers at a roll and wablam! you just got a total of +8 and wind up blowing away that measly 2 passive resistance. It’s sometimes described as taking the tension or […]

Blue Planet Fate: Biomods and Augmentations

+Jacob Poss has taken up the challenge of adapting Blue Planet to Fate Core and asked for some input on how to handle biotech and cybernetics. There are basically two routes to go with this. The first is to just have the biotech represented by aspects and, when not appropriate stunts. Characters might lose some granularity […]