With the magic of triangle tables, about five years ago I put together some random tables for post-apocalyptic exploration. I’ve noticed a few tweaks I want to make still, but I figured I’d put them back out there again. These are intended for modern-ish or post-apocalypse settings. Hopefully, they have some semblance of logic (IIRC correctly […]

Group Resources in Fate Core Tribe 8

This was a small addition I made to the Resources rules for Fate of Vimary that I felt was general enough to go here. Note that it uses another slight tweak, namely that characters have fluctuating Resources scores as they use and gain Resources. This Extra allows for the group to have a Larder that […]

Milestone Worksheet

First things first, I cooked up a milestone worksheet to go along with my milestone fractal post. You can grab it from Google Docs. Also, I had a couple of comments after finding a great discussion on fractal adventure design on ENWorld.First, “fractal” may not be the most 100% accurate term for the practice of […]

A Milestone Fractal Example

Someone mentioned that they do a lot better grokking these kind of things with examples, so I thought I’d try to cook one up. First, I have some slight refinements of what I posted yesterday (I swear I’m not trying to copy how +Ryan M. Danks posted his adventure fractal, I’m really not). The completion of […]

Travel, Fate Core Style – Part 2

In Part I, I covered a few of the basic ways that travel can be handled. In this second installment I’ll give some examples of slightly specific Extras that can be used to add more detail to or just spice it up a little bit. These can either be used by themselves or possibly combined […]

Vimary Zones and Locations

Finally, I completed my write-up of various zones and locations from Vimary. More accurately, I decided to not include Distance stress tracks for the locations. My intention is still to use them, but they a) were a pain to write up and b) I’m actually thinking they shouldn’t be set in stone. It’s probably a […]

New shiny random exploration tables!

I have completed completely revising and rethinking the random exploration tables, and this is the result. I like them so much better than the previous ones. They may actually be suitable for random generation of modern cities with some modifications. These are going to be really awesome to use once I start a game (which is hopefully […]

Travel and zones, re-revisited

Over at RPG.net, Gullerbutry had a take on travel that I hadn’t thought of before and looks pretty solid. Yes, it’s adding even more stress tracks, but I’m not sure anymore whether or not you can actually have too many (or, at least, there is no reason a stress track of some flavor shouldn’t be […]

Zones revisited

Zones There are three scales of zones: Personal, Location (Scene) and Campaign. Unless there is nothing really remarkable about a zone it should have a Defining Aspect and any other interesting Aspects as necessary. Zones can have three Abilities: Terrain, Resources, and Threat. Additionally, borders between zones can have a Border rating. Each scale has […]