Vimary zone map, part 2

I’ve gone through and redone the zone map. It has some notations that are going to go along with the write-ups of each Zone. The nutshell version is: Size: Represents how large the zone is. At campaign scale, this equates to the number of hours it takes to travel through the Zone to another Zone […]


There are a great number if implementations for locations in various FATE-based games. While I like the rules in The Dresden Files, they have more of a feel for the Dresdenverse as opposed to Vimary. After a little thinking and a couple of Newcastles, the following is what I came up with for statting up […]

Plot Stress and the Metaplot

Now that I have finished with the effort of pretty much completing my conversion document, I can now turn my attention to some factors that actually have to do with playing. While there are some people that might argue this point, the metaplot is one of Tribe 8’s strong points. There is a treasure trove […]

Social combat and groups in Strands of Flesh and Spirit

One of the themes that I personally have wanted to explore in Tribe 8 is the interaction of the various political and social groups. The entire game is predicated on people with something in common – birth, blood, ideology, survival – banding together. It is not the kind of world where many loners survive for […]