Locations, Fate Core Style: Part II

In my last post I went over some of the guidelines I use when creating a location for a game. Today I’m going to step through the process with an actual location that fits in with Fate of Vimary: the desecrated Shrine of C’nawa.As an aside, I realized I kind of left out another question […]

Updated Fate Of Vimary Character Sheet

Just got done redesigning the character sheet for Fate of Vimary. There are four versions: Background with GF Halda Smashed font No background with GF Halda Smashed font No background, Cambria font Original SVG format (requires GF Halda Smashed font to view correctly) Note: viewing the PDFs in Google Docs may lead to some artifacts […]

Latest Round Of Updates to Fate of Vimary

For all practical purposes, I’m calling Fate of Vimary done. There may still be some minor tweaks to various stunts depending on how things turn out in actual play, but I’ve made all of the major revisions I can think of. The largest is the use of conditions instead consequences, followed by some tightening up […]

Conditions in Fate of Vimary

Conditions are an alternate way of handling stress, introduced in the Fate System Toolkit. Each condition can be thought of as a pre-defined consequence. Players can choose to soak stress by taking a condition, and the GM can impose a condition if it would make sense from a narrative standpoint. The GM may call for […]

The Circle of the Chosen

The Circle of the Chosen is a large clearing in the Discard Lands, just beyond the Seven Fingers. It is the place where, each new moon, sacrifices to the Z’bri are secretly brought by Tribal representations as part of the Pact of the Dome. Aside from the Watch tasked with bringing the prisoners there and […]

The Zetetics

zetetic [zəˈtɛtɪk]adjproceeding by inquiry; investigating[from New Latin, from Greek zētētikos, from zēteō to seek] “Despite our failures to date, I still cannot believe that the River of Dream is completely unexplainable in scientific terms. It is a part of the universe, falls under the same laws as everything else in the universe, and I will […]


As I start to wind down writing the rules for Fate of Vimary and begin to turn my eye toward actually playing, I’m going to have to confront the elephant in the room for any Tribe 8 game: the metaplot. Now to make sure this discussion gets off on the proper foot: I’m for metaplot. […]