Giving Keepers Some Love

For the most part, the portrayal of Keepers in Tribe 8 has skewed toward a few archetypes: the hard boiled survivalist, the over curious yet-open-to-that-hippy-crap youth, the doddering wizard-stand in, or the tech-obsessed lunatic (as in the Machine Monks). Many times they are depicted as reluctant allies – often relegated to the role of firearm […]

Jingle Eyeballs

Rummaging through your mind With a tentacle down your throat, What secrets will I find? Oh I really love to gloat! Eyes on ivory bone rings Force you to watch your plight. My how your flesh truly sings As I receive my gift tonight! S’klas (Major NPC) Image source: Kerem Beyit S’klas is a Z’bri Joh’an […]

Beliefs and the Spark RPG

Today’s theme is “Belief”, and so I have a short overview/review of the Kickstarter draft of the Spark rpg from Genesis of Legend Publishing. I backed the Kickstarter because I found the ideas behind the game, on how challenging beliefs are central to the characters and the setting, to be really interesting. Just a word of […]

Fate of Vimary character sheet

After a lot of tweaking, I finally got my character sheet done for Fate of Vimary. It’s interesting how just having the character sheet done makes things seem more concrete, more of a thing. The other awesome thing is while I’ve always created custom character sheets for various games, the tools available now totally beat […]

Fate of Vimary Character Creation Draft

This is extremely short, but it’s the nuts and bolts of character creation for Fate of Vimary, specifically highlighting minor differences in the phase trio and a very short guideline for cells. The idea is to leverage the use of Fate Core’s cooperative character creation to make sure that the player characters are connected to […]

Fate of Vimary Gear and Weapons Draft

This took a while to figure out. There are numerous ways of handling weapons and armor in Fate Core. Balancing out the costs and how they work as extras is a pretty big deal, and is something there aren’t a huge number of guidelines for. Fortunately there are a lot of ideas out there. The […]

Draft Contacts/Social Stress write-up

This was the result of a lot of tinkering. It looks pretty solid without playtesting, but I think it will capture the feel I’m going for. There are a lot great thinkers on the Fate Core Google+ group who helped bounce ideas around, particularly +Jack Gulick. I’m also considering moving over to Andrew Jensen’s ideas on […]

Tribe 8 Extras (and thoughts on a project name)

Tribe 8 in Fate Core is coming along nicely. It’s gotten to the point where I have to plan what portions I  need to draft out in terms of Extras. Tribe 8 is a rich and well-developed setting, and there’s temptation to assign aspects and stress tracks to everything, which goes against what I’m trying […]

Fighting "Aspect Creep"

One of the things I didn’t realize until after the fact with my Strands of Fate adaptation for Tribe 8 is the sheet number of aspects. On top of the character aspects there was a tribal aspect, and then if the character had Synthesis there were two Eminences apiece. I want to try to figure out a […]

Rusted Sky – Fate Core Tribe 8

I’m starting to put some tentative processing cycles toward how I would redo my Tribe 8 conversion for Fate Core, and I’d like some thoughts. The Strands of Fate adaptation, as I’ve mentioned before, I think is solid and a good step away from the ill-fitting Silhouette mechanics. There were still a lot of mechanical […]