Nova Praxis Review

I’m going to kick off a new cycle of reviews with a game that I finally finished reading (it’s only be the better part of a year): Nova Praxis. With that, I’m also trying to get a rhythm and structure down to how I approach reviews so they’re informative without just rattling off a bunch […]

Post-Apocalypse Exploration "Triangle Tables"

Quite a long time ago, RPGNet user Gullerbutry had a wonderful thread on “triangle tables”. I turned around and made a set of triangle tables for random exploration of a post-apocalypse city or its environs. I was straightening out some documents and assets and, even though I linked to them a long time ago on Dreams […]

Fate Core: Some First Thoughts

I was finally able to back the Fate Core Kickstarter yesterday to the level I wanted (and coincidentally found the Thematic Fate Dice Kickstarter and promptly threw behind that, because $28 for 16 dice is a bargain). So far, I like a whole lot of what I see with just a few rough spots. The […]

Year of FATE: The Laundry and Exalted

To round out the other games I’d like to be able to tackle this year are two games where I love the settings but not really the system. The first is The Laundry rpg from Cubicle 7. I have a soft spot for espionage, office humor, and Mythos-related things, and I think the Laundry-verse is perfect for […]

Year of FATE: The Thief campaign

I’ve been thinking of the various games I’d like to try to kick off this year, and I’ve decided I want a handful of FATE games. Aside from running my Strands of Fate version of Tribe 8, I’ve wanted to do a Thief-style game for a very long time – and playing Dishonored is just adding […]


I was finally able to start Dishonored last night. Mental note: when trying to configure a hard drive and a little voice keeps telling me “You’ve done this before” don’t answer, “Yeah, so why isn’t this working?” and keep bashing my head against a wall for over an hour. It means you’ve done this before and […]