The Dream Quest

Editor’s Note: This is a piece from the original Rusted Sky website, and the original author was not credited. If any of my Google+ peeps (of which I know there are a few from the Tribe 8 olden days) recognize it as theirs or somebody else’s, simply drop me a line and I will put […]

The Love of Sisters

Cinder: “Look, would you get rid of the DORKS!” Chigger: “Huh? Why?” Cinder: “Because they’re fuckin’ annoying.” Chigger: “No they’re not! They’re just kids. I think they’ll be really useful once they learn some shit. Like, messengers or spies or something.” Cinder: “SPIES!!! Are you out of your mind! They couldn’t keep their mouths closed […]

Musings of a Z’bri

Originally written by Edwyn Kumar “Leave it to humans to need explanations in matters of sex. We are imposed upon the flesh and take the pleasures of yoursz and organz with delightfulness. Are we the manifestation of a feminine or masculine emotional ‘Sundering’ created by the darkness of your minds? Yes, that and more. I […]

Songs of Life and Dream

Note: I’m not sure exactly who originally wrote these, but I believe it was Edwyn Kumar.Jacker Affirmation Shadowed with beauty Eyes of fire and ambition In my path step not My destiny is mine alone For none to touch Nor manipulate, foul hands Shiver, fear comes Grows as their souls shrivel Death is quick Yet […]

Lover’s Plot

Originally written by (I believe) Edwyn Kumar.Margot: The Tera shebans are forcing our hand in this affair. Daedic: There is no need to panic, Margot. Our diplomats are working as we speak. Farma, what is the current situation on Hom? Farma: The Outcasts are suffering a major food shortage due to the blockage and increased […]

Sins of the Sister, Part 6

Previously…Sins of the Sister, Part 1Sins of the Sister, Part 2Sins of the Sister, Part 3Sins of the Sister, Part 4Sins of the Sister, Part 5 It was a new moon that night, and the grave fields before us were illuminated only by starlight. Occasionally we would spot a small flame or mysterious light along […]

Sins of the Sister, Part 4

I shouldn’t have been surprised at the news Kileg was involved, given the dream, but I was. I found him in the courtyard with Den’a and the three young Joanites. Kileg was in hunter’s leather and a wolf’s pelt cloak, his unstrung bow in a scabbard on his back and a solid, wide blade at […]

Sins of the Sister, Part 3

I fell feel asleep quickly and slipped into the River. I could have freely explored, but chose to stay confined within my own Dream world, flowing along with the River in the hope of gaining insight into the day’s events. I am standing over Robbo in Bazaar, pressing the tip of a sword to his […]

Sins of the Sister, Part 2

I had no sooner sent an initiate to bring some mulled wine, when Nostra Guy’on appeared in the doorway of my chamber. His Templar bodyguards were not with him, but I thought there was someone standing in the shadows outside the doorway. Dressed in a long, simple robe Nostra Guy’on looked more a tired old […]

Sins of the Sister, Part 1

From the confession of Cara Gray’on: It began with three members of the Watch – two boys and a girl – beating a boy in the street. Tensions between the Watch and the Templars had forced me to turn a blind eye to these sights more often than not, but this time I knew something […]