Flashback Friday: Mekton

In honor of the Mekton Zero Kickstarter, I’m doing something a bit different for a Flashback Friday. It’s a flashback of some of my old material that I’ve recovered from the Internet Archive. This is the only Mekton design I was able to get (the archive is very spotty for my old website for some […]

Flashback Friday: Cybergeneration

I was an enormous Cyberpunk fan in the late 80s and early 90s. I bought the original boxed set when it first came out and by the time the Cyberpunk 2020 line was finished I had every book, including ones published by third parties. The only game I have more memories of playing is Mekton. So […]

Flashback Friday: Teenagers From Outer Space

Even with this A-to-Z Blogging Challenge thing, I’m still managing to crank out a Flashback Friday post (albeit a short one). This week is Teenagers From Outer Space (or TFOS). TFOS was one of those odd duck games. I knew about Toon, but it never looked appealing. TFOS had anime stylings though, and anime was […]

Flashback Friday: Elfquest

Elfquest is something of an odd-duck for me. What makes it so is there are a lot of mature topics and situations in Elfquest that utterly went over my head at the time. I didn’t actually realize they were there until I went back and looked over some Elfquest stuff a few years ago after […]

Flashback Fri…er, close enough: Space/Time

Last week got a little muddled, so I missed the Friday update. So here it is now. This week’s entry is a game from BTRC called SpaceTime. I played a fairly long campaign with it that started before I went into USMC boot camp in 1989 and picked back up after I was medically discharged […]

Flashback Friday: The Apshai Trilogy

And now for something completely different. Behold the wonder of 1970s video game cover art! So far I’ve been posting about tabletop rpgs, but now I want to talk about a computer game because it actually contributed to my AD&D games. The game was later known collectively as the “Apshai Trilogy”, but originally it was […]

Flashback Friday: Algol

Mekton from R. Talsorian Games has always had a default setting called Algol. The setting is essentially a showcase for all kinds of 70s and 80s anime concepts. It’s an Earthlike world but with oddities ala Super Dimensional Century Orguss or Super Dimensional Century Southern Cross. There  is Gundam-like mecha, psionics, reptilian alien bad guys, […]

Flashback Friday: Starblade Battalion

Starblade Battalion is sort of an alternate Cyberpunk 2020 future, as a setting for Mekton Zeta. It had cybernetics, megacorporations, starships, mecha, pirates and planets with dinosaurs (kind of). The setting is about nearly two centuries after the events in CP2020. The Earth is environmentally ravaged and is ruled by a world government. The solar […]

Flashback Friday: Living Steel

I’m going to start a feature of sorts revisiting a few older and possibly even a little obscure settings or game systems. Not reviews but more of personal recountings of what I genuinely liked about the games without concentrating on the negatives. I have a soft spot for post-apocalyptic games, movies and books. I think […]