RPG Realism And Why It’s Crap

The past week or so has been quite busy so I had to take a little break from blogging. I’m back with some thoughts that have been brewing about realism in tabletop rpgs. This post is an expansion of a point I brought up in a previous post. I don’t think any tabletop roleplaying system […]

Corollary to Things I Hate In RPGs

I realized there is a corollary (or set of them) to the things I hate in RPGs. This is mostly aimed toward game designers and publishers 1. Don’t claim that your RPG is realistic, historically accurate or well-researched and then make stupid mistakes that prove it isn’t. Especially don’t make that claim and then write […]

Things I Hate In RPGs (And Sometimes Gamers)

Here goes my break from blogging, because I found something I have to write about. I’ve had a couple conversations recently that have been a bit frustrating in the relative pig-headedness of the other person. One of those was a bizarre PM conversation with someone on RPG.Net. It went kind of like this: Them: “Fate […]

Going to take a break for a couple days

The A to Z April Blogging Challenge is over, and I need to take a break (I’m not getting paid for this, you know). So I’m going to restart next week on a regular schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The challenge taught me a lot, mostly that it helps to have a focused theme […]

Zero-Sum Games And When To Avoid Them

In game theory, zero sum games are when in order for one player to win, another player has to lose the same amount. Poker and many board games are an example of this, and it works well for them. Roleplaying games, by their nature, are not zero-sum games – but they can contain zero-sum conditions. […]

Vimary Redux

When Tribe 8 first came out, it wasn’t a huge secret that the setting, Vimary, was the remains of Montreal, Canada (Vimary is a play on Ville Marie). But there wasn’t a whole lot to go on, aside from looking up other maps and information on the area on the Internet. We didn’t have Google […]

Your Game Has The Fate Fractal Too

Did you know your game already has the Fate fractal? Even if you don’t know what the Fate fractal is? Well, it’s true to one degree or another. Do you remember that time you wrote up a trap that attacks as a 10th level fighter? Or you assigned a hit point value of a door […]

Xeno: A Fate Accelerated Edition One-Shot

After nearly a month of posting six-days a week it’s not surprising that I’d miss a day. But real life does take precedence, and it’s better late than never. I also think that this was well worth it, because I’m presenting a highly focused FAE hack: Xeno. This is intended not only to show off […]

Why Fate Core Is Awesome

+David Larkins  on the Fate Core G+ Community said he’d like to see a post on why Fate Core is awesome so here we are. Why is any game awesome? Typically because it’s fun to play, it has the options to support one or more styles of play, or it’s rules are particularly well written, elegant, […]

UML for Gaming?

Falling back on another programming-related post, because I didn’t have anything else planned for today. UML stands for Unified Modeling Language. It’s a standardized set of notation and symbols for modeling workflows, data diagrams, etc. It’s different than flowcharting because it covers details – though still high level – of how a process is supposed to work; […]