Heartbreakers, heartbreakers everywhere!

No, I’m not talking about a new heartbreaker. At least not one that’s actually out. My involvement with a semi-sekrit intentional heartbreaker project has gotten me thinking about what my heartbreaker would look like. For sure, it would be some form of Silhouette with elements of Interlock, Synergy and possibly even CORPS mixed in. With a smattering […]

Necessary Selling Points For A Heartbreaker

So, this happened. A game company putting out a game called Mazith posted a Reddit, and it went about as well as can be expected. When people ask questions about a game that has been developed for 30 years in relative isolation, there’s going to be difficult questions. Like “What resolution mechanic do you use?” […]

The Penny Arcade Heartbreaker Report

So, the Penny Arcade Report might have outed itself as not necessarily the best place to go for tabletop gaming news. Yesterday an article by “Infinity”, the author of The Future Belongs to Us, somewhat randomly appeared. Doing so on a larger site like PA implies the game is something people should watch out for, something they should […]

The Future Belongs To Us

Updated: clarified a few things, some new info and another press release.This little gem was pointed out to me by +Chris Knowles. A hitherto unknown game company called Atraxy Publishing has announced a cyberpunkish, transhumanistish rpg called The Future Belongs to Us. Here’s the announcement: An all new, all original tabletop RPG has been announced […]