Took a little break

Between vacation, end of summer type stuff, computer issues, work, kids going back to school, etc. I haven’t had as much time to update things. I am still working on details of the Vimary zone map. Plus, I have some original short fiction that I’m working on that will get posted at some point. In […]


I am on vacation this week, but the reposting of Juniper’s Journals will continue as well as anything else that I happen to have in the wings. Hopefully while I’m gone I will get some more work done in preparation for actually starting up a Tribe 8 game using Strands of Flesh and Spirit. Currently […]

I ain’t abandoned this thing…

Just got sidetracked mildly by the holidays and some other reading (specifically, The Laundry rpg from Cubicle 7). I still have some tweaking to do on the character sheet and get back into the swing of adapting locations and whatnot from the Tribe 8¬†source books¬†for the wiki. However, reading The Laundry has gotten me thinking…what […]