With the magic of triangle tables, about five years ago I put together some random tables for post-apocalyptic exploration. I’ve noticed a few tweaks I want to make still, but I figured I’d put them back out there again. These are intended for modern-ish or post-apocalypse settings. Hopefully, they have some semblance of logic (IIRC correctly […]

SilCore House Rules

As promised, I’ve uploaded a cleaned up document with some of my SilCore house rules. These got reasonably extensive play, and worked out pretty well for our group. SilCore House Rules I believe the complexity rules in this document are the prototype for one of the Complexity house rules that I wrote for Aurora. What’s […]

Travel, Fate Core Style – Part 2

In Part I, I covered a few of the basic ways that travel can be handled. In this second installment I’ll give some examples of slightly specific Extras that can be used to add more detail to or just spice it up a little bit. These can either be used by themselves or possibly combined […]

Mekton House Rules

It looks like the Mekton Zero Kickstarter funded. It’s gotten me on a Mekton kick (I should be planning stuff for my Tribe 8 Fate Core game, which I’ve promised myself I’ll do this week). I was able to retrieve a numer of house rules from my old website via the Internet Archive. Some of […]

Vimary Zones and Locations

Finally, I completed my write-up of various zones and locations from Vimary. More accurately, I decided to not include Distance stress tracks for the locations. My intention is still to use them, but they a) were a pain to write up and b) I’m actually thinking they shouldn’t be set in stone. It’s probably a […]

Updated Conversion Doc

I’ve updated the conversion doc with some clarifications on Supplies and Barter. I’ve also revised the travel rules to include the Distance stress track and some clarifications, and included a method for exploration to use the new random exploration tables.

Travel and zones, re-revisited

Over at RPG.net, Gullerbutry had a take on travel that I hadn’t thought of before and looks pretty solid. Yes, it’s adding even more stress tracks, but I’m not sure anymore whether or not you can actually have too many (or, at least, there is no reason a stress track of some flavor shouldn’t be […]


There are a great number if implementations for locations in various FATE-based games. While I like the rules in The Dresden Files, they have more of a feel for the Dresdenverse as opposed to Vimary. After a little thinking and a couple of Newcastles, the following is what I came up with for statting up […]

Codes of the Soul

And another retro set of house rules from Warp & Weft/Dreams of Flesh and Spirit. Alternate Experience Rules This rule is from the booklet from the Jovian Chronicles GM’s screen. In order to improve a skill, the character must have spent a number of Emergency Dice on the skill equal to the next skill level […]