Juniper’s Journals: Final Entry

Entry 23 There are a few things in life that strike me as strange or amazing. After all, the world we live in is fraught with perilous and wonderful effects. However, nothing came as strangely to me as the events which unfolded over the past few days. Listen closely to my words, for I fear […]

Juniper’s Journals: Reconciliation

Entry 21 Cinder returned without Bastion and I was half expecting that he had left to rejoin his evil beast of a father. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. She said he was sorry he had dragged all of us through the horrors Eshlazi had to offer, but that he was willing to help us avoid […]

Juniper’s Journals: The Assassin’s Assassin

Entry 22 Chigger came down to see how I was doing. She came up behind me and said she was sorry. ” I just don’t want to keep anymore secrets, that’s all.” she said. ” How could you think such a thing? Eshlazi is everything that we hate and now you’re talking about becoming its […]

Juniper’s Journals: A Lesson in History: Part 2

Entry 20 Revelations Cinder was running way to fast and Bastion, Mana and I were having trouble keeping up. She was sitting there, in the Bin, all pretty and stuff when suddenly she propped up and screamed, ” Chigger’s in danger!” Then she went racing off into the setting sun! What was she thinking? Nonetheless, […]

Juniper’s Journals: A Lesson in History: Part 1

Entry 19 We returned to Hom and, I of course was extremely confused about the current state of affairs. The whole thing didn’t make any sense. We had defeated Eshlazi, or so I thought, and as to what exactly happened to Bastion, well the last I saw of him was that he and the Z’Bri […]

Juniper’s Journals: Changes

Entry 18 The water reflected the night sky and the torches from the sunken buildings that surrounded us. Danelle and another River Dreamer named Shien were navigating the boat which held Mana and myself. Meg was commanding the boat with Cinder, Chigger, and Bastion as passengers. It was strange. After all we had done to […]

Juniper’s Journals: Vengeance

Entry 17 Mari-Anne Melina greeted us with her regular cheer, that is until we showed her Chigger’s leg. She immediately called for some of her aides and took Chigger upstairs to redress and fix the wound. They worked for just under an hour, Chigger screaming at the top of her lungs about how she was […]