Juniper’s Journals: 13th Entry on Friday the 13th !!

Entry 13 The Elders of Hom The Sepulcher: Cinder, Mana, Chigger and I approached the large wooden door set into the mysterious tower with a sense of hesitation. Two flights of stairs led up to it, one lit by a lantern, the other cowled in shadows. We decided on the lit staircase, for obvious reasons. […]

Juniper’s Journals: The Stranger

Entry 12 Well, continuing on the recent vein, Cinder decided to lay the mother of all mother’s on us. ” Why don’t you ask Bastion, whether his master has any more secrets in store for us or not . . . his Z’Bri Lord!” she said. We picked up our collective jaws from the floor […]

Juniper’s Journals: Rest and Rust Storms

Entry 10 Well, I’m back. The girls rescued my soul from a coma and managed to strip the taint from our souls. That Z’Bri has nothing on us now and I feel great. After the ritual, we lay low and hung out for about six weeks, recuperating and allowing our true selves to live and […]

Juniper’s Journals: The Vision Quest

Entry 9 (by Yrthanivak Eshlazi) I feel their entry across the Fold. They, pitiful of creatures sucuumb to my whim and wishes , coming to remove themselves, seeking salvation of sins they have acted through shadowselves and dark minds. Let them play the part of marytr and redeemer to souls already lost and denied from […]

Juniper’s Journals: Seeking Salvation

Entry 8 (by Bastion)  Well Juniper’s out of it after his encounter with Chigger a few days ago. He’s back in the Temple and a lot has happened during his coma. I’ll fill you in, but first I’ll give you an introduction on who I am. My name’s Bastion and I ran across these guys shortly […]

Juniper’s Journals: The Clinic

Entry 7 After a long and cold night hanging out under the South Tier Bridge, Cinder, Mana and I woke up with frozen bones and chattering teeth. Mana seemed the worse for wear, but my back from the earlier Z’Bri encounter a few weeks ago was not healing well with all this activity. We found […]

Juniper’s Journals: Sad Times in Hom

Entry 5 Word got out this week that a Rant for the opening of Spring was going to take place. We decided to take part and see what the Eighth Tribe was doing as a whole to get organized this year. The crowd was a motley assortment of people of all ages and all tribal […]