Aspect Magic, Part 2

In my last post, I went gave an overview of how aspect magic in my fantasy setting works from a game-perspective. I’ve since had some time to somewhat solidify how it works from a system perspective. Essentially, anyone can use magic simply by taking a Lore stunt, and Sigils are created by making a Lore […]

Aspect Magic, Part 1

This is a very short overview of the magic system that I’m developing for my Fate Core fantasy world. I don’t have a lot of the mechanics down, and actually have a much longer description that I’m not going to go into (yet). Basically, magic use ties directly into Fate Core aspects. Not just that […]

Building a Mystery

I’ve started futzing around with how I want magic to work in my Fate Core fantasy setting, so I’ve been thinking a lot about the role that magic will play, and what it can be used for. What problem or challenge is it intended to solve within the setting? To this end I’m running down […]