Mecha Games: Are The Mainstays Really Complicated?

So, something came up recently where someone called Mekton Zeta overly complicated. The word “crunchy” was used, as well as a bunch of hyperbole about having to calculate gigawatts to drive generators and such. It might very well be experience with the system- over twenty years worth – tinting my glasses, but I don’t get […]

Mekton House Rules

It looks like the Mekton Zero Kickstarter funded. It’s gotten me on a Mekton kick (I should be planning stuff for my Tribe 8 Fate Core game, which I’ve promised myself I’ll do this week). I was able to retrieve a numer of house rules from my old website via the Internet Archive. Some of […]

Flashback Friday: Mekton

In honor of the Mekton Zero Kickstarter, I’m doing something a bit different for a Flashback Friday. It’s a flashback of some of my old material that I’ve recovered from the Internet Archive. This is the only Mekton design I was able to get (the archive is very spotty for my old website for some […]

Flashback Friday: Starblade Battalion

Starblade Battalion is sort of an alternate Cyberpunk 2020 future, as a setting for Mekton Zeta. It had cybernetics, megacorporations, starships, mecha, pirates and planets with dinosaurs (kind of). The setting is about nearly two centuries after the events in CP2020. The Earth is environmentally ravaged and is ruled by a world government. The solar […]