Me, MeWe, and the G+ diaspora

Like a lot of G+ users who were actually using G+, the announcement that by mid-next year the platform would be shut down left quite a quandary. Where would I take my social media presence? Facebook I generally reserve for friends and family, and I’ve found the gaming discussions there to not be as satisfying as […]

We Are All Game Designers

This is actually due to some some philosophizing I’ve been doing lately. Every one of us who are involved in the roleplaying hobby are game designers. Sure, it comes in matters of degree – some players never get much more involved than creating their characters, while on the other end are the obvious ones who […]

The Homebrew of Doom

Most roleplayers I know like to see how things tick, meaning that a sizable portion of them have tried their hands at homebrewing their own system. It’s like a rite of passage for gamers. I started pretty young. Prior to discovering RPGs I used to make little board games out of poster board and construction […]

Character Death

I’ve decided that I have missed out on the fun of the archived RPGBA Blog Carnival topics, so I’m going back in time and tackling each one. Having a defined topic helps keep my writing wheels turning, provided that I feed the hamsters. I’ve never been really big on player characters dying in my games. […]

My Metric For Presenting In Character Or Out of Character Knowledge

I highly, highly dislike overly artificial “firewalls” as +Topher Gerkey put it between in character and out of character knowledge. Yes, I expect that for the most part players will refrain from blatantly using their own knowledge to the detriment of everyone’s enjoyment of the game. But, conversely, I expect that they won’t stubbornly refuse to use […]

A Summarily Bad Idea

So I saw a post where someone suggested that the GM customize the way that something is described to the “intelligence” of the character. So if you were describing something to a player of a really dumb character, you’d use simple terms. If it was a very intelligent character, you’d load up the detail. This […]