Tabletop RPGs Are A Poor Environment For Immersion

Immersion comes up a lot when discussing RPGs, typically in response to this style of game making it more difficult or easier for one person or the other to experience it. The thing is, RPGs are a really poor choice for an immersive experience. I know that we’ve been told that this is something that’s […]

A Complete An Utter Lack of Motivation

I have been struck with a lack of wanting to pretty much do anything. It’s an unshakable ennui regarding virtually everything. It’s infested pretty much everything, from work to other projects that I know I want to do or activities I enjoy. I started replaying Thief: Deadly Shadows after finishing the first two, and found that […]

Metagaming Is Good (There I Said It)

Or, at least, it can be good and is often not only unavoidable but desirable. It just has to be handled correctly. When discussing issues of “metagaming” I think sometimes people lose sight of the fact that playing role playing games is always, to some degree, about the metagame. Regardless of how hard any particular […]

Unified Fate of Gaming

This is an expansion on a response to +Teo Tayobobayo‘s probably somewhat hyperbolic post on the Google+ Fate Core community, where he said he thought Fate Core was the Grand Unified Theory of Gaming. At least in spirit I tend to agree with him. I’m not particularly fond of game systems for their own sake. This doesn’t […]

Abstraction Is The New Realistic

I’ve decided that abstract systems – like Fate Core – have more potential to be more realistic (at least to me) than more complex systems that give more detailed results. The reason is that the “realism” in roleplaying games is an illusion, and is dependent on the players around the table to play the game […]

Pure Roleplaying

I just recently read a post from someone who runs and plays games using “pure roleplaying.” They try to make no references to anything mechanical – specifically the players, but the GM is supposed to keep mechanical talk to a minimum. They only refer to things that happen in the game narrative. The idea is […]

Ludonarrative Dissonance

So I’ve found a new term that describes a problem that pretty much every gamer has ever encountered, anywhere: ludonarrative dissonance. It satisfies my logophile tendencies (I mean, my blog’s name is Aggregate Cognizance) and it pretty much hits the phenomenon on the head. In short, as you can see from the TV Tropes entry, […]

Club Metro retrospective

This was a response to an article that the Inland Empire Weekly ran on a nightclub reunion that I organized last year. I want to preserve it outside of Facebook, so I’m reposting it here as one of my fairly rare non-gaming posts. Even so, I think that for many people in my gaming circles […]

Treasure, what is it good for?

I’ve seen a couple of discussions about dealing with treasure in Fate Core, particularly in terms of D&D-style hacks. I remember when I was a kid playing Basic D&D and later AD&D, by the time our characters reached 10th level they would have mountains of treasure. This isn’t including magic items or other artifacts – […]

The Non-Gaming Household

It seems like a lot of people in my social media circles have spouses, kids, family members, etc. that are also into all manner of gaming and nerdery. I really enjoy reading their posts, seeing the pictures of the cool things their kids do, and generally basking in the glow of gaming goodness. My own […]