"You Know Nothing, Jon Snow"

If Jonnie boy had reacted to Ygritte the way that some people reacted to my last blog post, she’d be in a ditch somewhere. You’d think I assaulted someone’s mom and peed in their Cheerios. Somewhere within the haze of oxygen deprivation from airline cabin air (and being a mile above sea level at the […]

Gaming Has Taught You Very Little Useful

I recently saw a post on G+ that got me thinking. Why do some gamers have a drive to justify their hobby? I’ve heard or read claims that gaming promotes math skills, reading, writing, organization, critical thinking, teamwork, social skills, nearly any positive you can think of. Almost every time, it comes across as an […]

On Occasion, People Truly Amaze Me

I don’t make many non-gaming related posts. Tonight is one of those times. Marsha (or Marcia, I’m not sure), there isn’t enough thanks in the world for what you did tonight in the grocery store. I had taken my step-daughter to Ralphs to go shopping, the first real grocery trip we’d made since moving into […]

I’m going out on a limb here

There’s been a lot going around about +Indie+‘s interview with +James Desborough.  As a privileged, middle class, white male of a certain age (too young to be old, too old to be young) I’ve only started to seriously consider and think about issues regarding diversity, sexism and even racism in the past couple of years. And I consider myself […]

Owning Your Shit (Yes…Again)

When someone swipes content from someone else – whether it be art, or an audio sample, or a paragraph, or a map, or even a very specific idea/implementation – most people’s initial intent in pointing out the source is not to try to serve as tattletales to the original IP owner. We know policing IP […]

Mid-Year Retrospective

I started out this year with a few goals. The first was to get back into gaming. The second was to start blogging about gaming, because I felt I had things to say. Because of other things taking up my thoughts and time – looking for a new home and working on getting my son […]

Rare Non-Gaming Blog Post

Given that I’ve been going over the same post for nearly the past week, I’m going to jot down a very rare non-gaming post. In August my 16 year old son Aiden is coming from Indiana to California to live with my 7-year old daughter, my girlfriend, her 6-year old daughter, and I. He’s had […]

I Can’t Start A Game

I’m sorry, this doesn’t usually happen. It’s just I’m nervous, and it’s been a while. So I’m having a little problem… starting a game. I have all of the things I need. I have a game. I have potential players. I have a place to play. I’ve done prep work. I have every tool I […]

I’m In A Different Hobby Than Most Gamers

At least, that’s how I’m starting to feel. I don’t want to feel that way. It’s just that the more I begin to look at various gaming forums again, the more I start to feel a disconnect from the attitudes and philosophies of many gamers. It reminds me of  reading Facebook and one of my friends […]

KIckstarter (Or What Happened To My Self Control)

Apparently I’m exactly the kind of sucker people who Kickstart rpg projects want to have. I typically can’t back at a really high level, but I get swept up in the hype and excitement of watching the project break through it’s funding goals and skyrocket past them. I like stretch goals, I like backer updates, I like […]