Fate Core and Tribe 8

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about various implementations I’ve tried for adapting Tribe 8 to Fate. My first was using Spirit of the Century as a starting point, but I ran into roadblocks I wasn’t able to work around. I backed off for a while, until I discovered Strands of Fate. I thought, […]

Some thoughts on Banishment

A post on the Dream Pod 9 forum about how Fallen are identified as Fallen got me thinking – as part of my mild “style upgrade” to Tribe 8, Banishment should be a little flashier. We already have the personal aspects – visions, the Banishment ceremony, the Fatima withdrawing Her love from the Fallen. It’s definitely not […]

Kicking Tribe 8 up a notch

So I’m coming around to my occasional and random musings on Tribe 8 in general, and I was thinking about some slight changes to the canon setting (specifically, pre-Capal Vimary) that might make things a little more interesting. Some of these things are inspired by my delving into other fantasy settings such as Game of […]

Wiki is now (mostly) active

I’ve established a wiki for the rules on Wikia. That is going to be the primary repository for the rules…as such the blog is going to get a “reboot” of sorts. I’m mostly going to be posting thoughts, concepts, short fiction, converted material, scenarios, resources, etc. here on the blog.