Current Stuff and Things

Aside from starting to get a Roll20 Blades in the Dark game together, I have a handful of other things I’ve been pecking away at for the past year (or more in some cases). I don’t really have a priority on these things, as I kind of flit between them in slower moments at work […]

Facets in Retrolock

One of the Fate Core-like concepts that I really didn’t want to part with was Aspects. Having a free form descriptor or tag makes characters a lot more flexible and interesting, and bypasses having an advantage/disadvantage system – along with the trouble involved with balancing the values, deciding what qualifies as an advantage or disadvantage, […]

Actions in Retrolock

I missed updating last week, so figured I’d make up for it by writing a post with some meat to it. Previously I had mentioned that I was working on a kind of Interlock retroclone called Retrolock. While stripped down to the mechanical level it runs very similar to Interlock (roll d10¬†+ stat¬†+ skill), games […]


Back in December I started noodling around with the idea of an Interlock retroclone, called RetroLock. This quickly spiralled out of control, ganking concepts I like from Silhouette, Blue Planet’s Synergy system, and even newer, Communist swine narrative games. It also involves lining up concepts or implementations in those systems that I’ve never quite liked […]