Review: Laundry Files: Agent’s Handbook

This is a followup to my review of The Laundry RPG. The Laundry Files: Agent’s Handbook is a sort of player’s guide to The Laundry. It adds a ton of options and bells and whistles to player characters in The Laundryverse and, by extension, Laundry games overall. Like the core rulebook, it’s well-written and put […]

Review: The Laundry RPG

Before I go any further, I need to make a confession. I’m not a fan of BRP. It’s a perfectly serviceable game system, but honestly I could take it or leave it. I know that this might be disconcerting to some people, but I’ll chalk that up to exposure to QUEST RUNE GLORY. A nice […]

Nova Praxis Review

I’m going to kick off a new cycle of reviews with a game that I finally finished reading (it’s only be the better part of a year): Nova Praxis. With that, I’m also trying to get a rhythm and structure down to how I approach reviews so they’re informative without just rattling off a bunch […]

Review: Fractured Kingdom

A few months ago, T. Dave Silva of House Dok Productions contacted me about writing a review of the Fractured Kingdom rpg. It had been mentioned in an thread about rpgs that involve dreams and sounded really interesting. I finally was able to get around to reading it, and here’s my review based on the […]

Fate Core Review

Introduction Now that I have the final copy of Fate Core PDF in front of my eyeballs, I’ve decided to do a somewhat more formal review. Fate Core will be available from Evil Hat Productions no later than July. The PDF is going to be on, to quote Fred Hicks, a “pay what you want, […]

The Future Belongs To Us Review

Full disclosure: the author approached me to do a review and I agreed, on the condition that I would make the review fair but there was no guarantee it would be favorable. I’ll try, but as Nick Lowe said, “Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.” EDIT: the author has requested I clarify that […]