Updated Conversion Doc

I’ve updated the conversion doc with some clarifications on Supplies and Barter. I’ve also revised the travel rules to include the Distance stress track and some clarifications, and included a method for exploration to use the new random exploration tables.

Zones revisited

Zones There are three scales of zones: Personal, Location (Scene) and Campaign. Unless there is nothing really remarkable about a zone it should have a Defining Aspect and any other interesting Aspects as necessary. Zones can have three Abilities: Terrain, Resources, and Threat. Additionally, borders between zones can have a Border rating. Each scale has […]

Playing with the Z’bri

I’m working on the Z’bri section of my adaptation, and in trying to present them as being highly individual – and reinforce not using cookie-cutter templates for them – I decided to come up with a distinctly Z’bri toned Aspect alphabet. I like the results. “A” is for AppetiteWhat does the Z’bri have a penchant […]

Power Sources

The RiverThe River (short for the River of Dream) is the power source for nearly all human supernatural powers in Vimary, from Synthesis to Technosmithing. As a Power Source, there are only a few requirements: The Awakened Advantage is required to purchase any Powers that have The River as their power source. Characters with the […]

Powers – Synthesis and Technosmithing

New Meta-Power Advantages Bundled Advantages A group of Power Advantages may be bundled together. All of the Powers in a bundle must share the same Power Source; otherwise they retain their individual Activation costs and other attributes. A primary Power must be chosen for the bundle – this is usually, but not always, the most […]

The River of Dream and Dreaming

The River of Dream is a counterpart to the physical realm, an interface of sorts between the worlds of flesh and spirit. As such, it is comprised of symbolism, concepts, ideas, and emotions. Every living being interacts with the River of Dream; humans for the most part do so without conscious control. But those with […]

Kicking Tribe 8 up a notch

So I’m coming around to my occasional and random musings on Tribe 8 in general, and I was thinking about some slight changes to the canon setting (specifically, pre-Capal Vimary) that might make things a little more interesting. Some of these things are inspired by my delving into other fantasy settings such as Game of […]

Possible rules changes

So, I found a tool that seems to do the job nicely (SmartDraw), and I’ve gotten further in a half hour than I got in hours futzing around with Word. But when I put the stress tracks in, I realized I have six distinct stress tracks. It made me kind of rethink things a bit […]