SilCore House Rules

As promised, I’ve uploaded a cleaned up document with some of my SilCore house rules. These got reasonably extensive play, and worked out pretty well for our group. SilCore House Rules I believe the complexity rules in this document are the prototype for one of the Complexity house rules that I wrote for Aurora. What’s […]

Heartbreakers, heartbreakers everywhere!

No, I’m not talking about a new heartbreaker. At least not one that’s actually out. My involvement with a semi-sekrit intentional¬†heartbreaker project has gotten me thinking about what my¬†heartbreaker would look like. For sure, it would be some form of Silhouette with elements of Interlock, Synergy and possibly even CORPS mixed in. With a smattering […]

Descriptive Wounds

This was originally written by Edwyn Kumar for Rusted Sky. It is also a decent reference for Consequences in Strands of Fate. Combat will, no doubt, be a part of everyone’s Cycles in some shape or form. Here’s a few suggestions for Weavers and players to make it so the standard clich√© wounds and injuries […]

Codes of the Soul

And another retro set of house rules from Warp & Weft/Dreams of Flesh and Spirit. Alternate Experience Rules This rule is from the booklet from the Jovian Chronicles GM’s screen. In order to improve a skill, the character must have spent a number of Emergency Dice on the skill equal to the next skill level […]

Codes of the Mind

The retro Tribe 8 goodness continues with some additional house rules on task resolution in Tribe 8 first edition. Alternate Tie Resolution This rule was suggested on the Tribe 8 mailing list. When an opposed action test is tied, it automatically goes to the character with the highest skill. If the skill levels are the […]

Codes of the Flesh

It’s time to go retro! Here are some house rules from the original Dreams of Flesh and Spirit website for Tribe 8 1st edition. Additional Combat Manuevers Manuever ACC Init Dodge Parry Dam Notes Fend n/a 0 +1 +1 n/a Character can do nothing but dodge, parry or move. This may be combined with Defensive […]