Sins of the Sister, Part 6

Previously…Sins of the Sister, Part 1Sins of the Sister, Part 2Sins of the Sister, Part 3Sins of the Sister, Part 4Sins of the Sister, Part 5 It was a new moon that night, and the grave fields before us were illuminated only by starlight. Occasionally we would spot a small flame or mysterious light along […]

Sins of the Sister, Part 4

I shouldn’t have been surprised at the news Kileg was involved, given the dream, but I was. I found him in the courtyard with Den’a and the three young Joanites. Kileg was in hunter’s leather and a wolf’s pelt cloak, his unstrung bow in a scabbard on his back and a solid, wide blade at […]

Sins of the Sister, Part 3

I fell feel asleep quickly and slipped into the River. I could have freely explored, but chose to stay confined within my own Dream world, flowing along with the River in the hope of gaining insight into the day’s events. I am standing over Robbo in Bazaar, pressing the tip of a sword to his […]

Cara Gray’on (sample character)

Cara Gray’on is a Joanite Templar from a minor offshoot of the Uhan’on clan. She was a Blade for number of years, serving along the Seven Fingers. While leading a raid on a Serf settlement in the No Man’s Land between Vimary and Hl’kar, Cara and her fellow Blades were attacked by Z’bri defending the village. Many […]

Sins of the Sister, Part 2

I had no sooner sent an initiate to bring some mulled wine, when Nostra Guy’on appeared in the doorway of my chamber. His Templar bodyguards were not with him, but I thought there was someone standing in the shadows outside the doorway. Dressed in a long, simple robe Nostra Guy’on looked more a tired old […]

Sins of the Sister, Part 1

From the confession of Cara Gray’on: It began with three members of the Watch – two boys and a girl – beating a boy in the street. Tensions between the Watch and the Templars had forced me to turn a blind eye to these sights more often than not, but this time I knew something […]