The Reservoir (Spooky Spots #2)

March 16th, 1938 was a dark day for Haidale County, MA. On that day the township of Sefield was accidentally submerged under over 30 feet of water as a dike for a nearby reservoir completely failed. The small valley where Sefield was located flooded, resulting in the loss of hundreds of lives and the complete […]

North Hall (Spooky Entry #1)

Last week I touched on the types of places that I felt made good creepy locations for RPGs, so now I’ll continue with an example. I already kind of tipped my hand with this one in the previous post, so I’m going to see what I can do to add a twist to it. North […]

October Blog Carnival Post: Spooky Spots

The October RPG Blog Carnival topic is spooky spots. I think I’m going to do several of these. Growing up in the Inland Empire (aka The Valley of the Dirt People aka The 909), there were plenty of spooky spots. Old buildings, in particular, are some of the creepiest. On top of having history, they […]