Vimary zone map, part 2

I’ve gone through and redone the zone map. It has some notations that are going to go along with the write-ups of each Zone. The nutshell version is: Size: Represents how large the zone is. At campaign scale, this equates to the number of hours it takes to travel through the Zone to another Zone […]


There are a great number if implementations for locations in various FATE-based games. While I like the rules in The Dresden Files, they have more of a feel for the Dresdenverse as opposed to Vimary. After a little thinking and a couple of Newcastles, the following is what I came up with for statting up […]

Plot Stress and the Metaplot

Now that I have finished with the effort of pretty much completing my conversion document, I can now turn my attention to some factors that actually have to do with playing. While there are some people that might argue this point, the metaplot is one of Tribe 8’s strong points. There is a treasure trove […]

Descriptive Wounds

This was originally written by Edwyn Kumar for Rusted Sky. It is also a decent reference for Consequences in Strands of Fate. Combat will, no doubt, be a part of everyone’s Cycles in some shape or form. Here’s a few suggestions for Weavers and players to make it so the standard cliché wounds and injuries […]

Bartering and Resources

Resources Resources in Tribe 8, because of Vimary’s barter economy, don’t represent abstract wealth such as investments, trust funds, savings etc. They represent physical things the character has, or can reasonably get access to, and by extensive an abstract measurement of the character’s ability to trade for goods they need or want. Specialty Aspects for […]

Playing with the Z’bri

I’m working on the Z’bri section of my adaptation, and in trying to present them as being highly individual – and reinforce not using cookie-cutter templates for them – I decided to come up with a distinctly Z’bri toned Aspect alphabet. I like the results. “A” is for AppetiteWhat does the Z’bri have a penchant […]

Power Sources

The RiverThe River (short for the River of Dream) is the power source for nearly all human supernatural powers in Vimary, from Synthesis to Technosmithing. As a Power Source, there are only a few requirements: The Awakened Advantage is required to purchase any Powers that have The River as their power source. Characters with the […]

Powers – Synthesis and Technosmithing

New Meta-Power Advantages Bundled Advantages A group of Power Advantages may be bundled together. All of the Powers in a bundle must share the same Power Source; otherwise they retain their individual Activation costs and other attributes. A primary Power must be chosen for the bundle – this is usually, but not always, the most […]

The River of Dream and Dreaming

The River of Dream is a counterpart to the physical realm, an interface of sorts between the worlds of flesh and spirit. As such, it is comprised of symbolism, concepts, ideas, and emotions. Every living being interacts with the River of Dream; humans for the most part do so without conscious control. But those with […]

Keeper Kin Package options

The Keeper Kin package that I put in Strands of Flesh and Spirit is a very generic one. It works for generic Keepers that are not often in the spotlight, but players wishing to play Keepers or GMs wishing to feature them may not want them to be so homogenuous. This can be accomplished by multuple […]