Cycle Maps, Part 2

The first thing that becomes evident is there’s a lot going on between two PCs (the Herite, Cara, and Raleigh the Jacker) and two GMCs (Joanite Watch Captain Jen Luther’on and Tera Sheban Judge Ariel Dan’on).

Cycle Maps

Relationship maps are probably one of the well know features of Cortex games (specifically Smallville). They’ve been carried over into Cortex Prime as a character creation mod, as part of what’s called Pathways. Pathways overall is an awesome process for stepping through the character creation process, generating relationships, locations, and supporting GMCs. It’s very flexible […]

GMCs in Cortex Tribe 8

I’ve always tended toward running GMCs light and loose in my games. A lot of times my notes for a GMC in Silhouette Tribe 8 would look something like Joanite Watch 2d/+1 Fighting/DM x12. I’d have Mekton GMCs statted up with basically a combination of their skill and stat, like Pilot +15. Part of this […]

Wastin’ Away Again in Vimaryville

This isn’t my first rodeo adapting Tribe 8 to other systems. I’m betting I have posts on it elsewhere, but in short I’ve moved from The Shadows of Yesterday (which I never actually ran) to largely Fate-oriented games: Spirit of the Century, Strands of Fate, and of course Fate Core. The intent from the beginning […]

Anatomy of a Metaplot Milestone

Expanding on the example from my last post, I’ve done a bit of thinking as to how the milestone trait and pool might work. First, we have the milestone trait itself. It’s a lot like a distinction statement, with a die rating: Build a Settlement d4. The statement defines very clearly what the milestone does: […]

More Metaplot

If you’re not familiar with the Aesop fable The Crow and the Pitcher, a thirsty crow finds a pitcher with water in it. It can’t reach the water in it with its beak, and it can’t tip over the pitcher. So it drops stones into the pitcher to raise the water level until it can […]

Cortexifying the Tribe 8 Metaplot

If you’re not familiar, Tribe 8 had a lot to love and hate about it. It was a golden example of a 90s RPG. It had a dense setting, splatbooks, and a multi-volume metaplot. The metaplot was as much a work of fiction as a campaign, with its secrets and direction revealed incrementally with each […]


With the magic of triangle tables, about five years ago I put together some random tables for post-apocalyptic exploration. I’ve noticed a few tweaks I want to make still, but I figured I’d put them back out there again. These are intended for modern-ish or post-apocalypse settings. Hopefully, they have some semblance of logic (IIRC correctly […]

My Vimary

Over the years, I’ve had a number of  ideas and opinions about Vimary’s default state in the main rulebook. This week I’m going to consolidate and make them a bit more concrete. H’lkar and the Skyrealms I’ve always been a little iffy on Hl’kar’s borders being so close to the Nation. Given the general theme […]

Gamex Was A Blast

My son and I went to Gamex on Saturday and, despite not having a real plan for what we were going to do there, had a great time. Even if I really want to burn by boots in a fire and then shovel the ashes into a toilet. I love those boots, I do, but […]