Doom. Doom. Doom.

During this week’s Tribe 8 game we’re going to (most likely) be embarking on a proper session zero with some actual play, which I’m both excited and a little anxious about — mostly because of the learning curve with using Roll20. I’ve been wrangling for the past week or so on the concepts of the […]

Oh, Hai There!

I’ve been kind of quiet lately. I was a little burned out, a lot of it having to do with my old job that was sucking a lot of motivation out of me. So I got a new, better paying, database engineer position. But the end result is that I’m not blogging from work – […]

Treasure Chest Friday

I had a lot of gaming material that I developed in the early-to-mid-90s go up in smoke. I didn’t have any kind of cohesive back-up scheme, basically jumping from failure-prone floppy disks – which were usually the primary copy – to a hand-me-down tape drive that took too long to write to and even longer […]

Children of Lilith Relationship Map

I just completed a massive relationship map for the NPCs in Children of Lilith, as part of my preparations to run the metaplot using Fate Core. The patterns that emerged were very informative, and I finally think I know how I want to alter the published plot to better suit my tastes. Also, spoiler alert.¬†If […]

Tribe 8 LARP rules

Looks like someone has put together some Tribe 8 LARP rules. LARP isn’t really my thing, but I figured I’d boost the signal a little bit. You can download them from here. They also have a Facebook group set up.

Updated Fate Of Vimary Character Sheet

Just got done redesigning the character sheet for Fate of Vimary. There are four versions: Background with GF Halda Smashed font No background with GF Halda Smashed font No background, Cambria font Original SVG format (requires GF Halda Smashed font to view correctly) Note: viewing the PDFs in Google Docs may lead to some artifacts […]

Latest Round Of Updates to Fate of Vimary

For all practical purposes, I’m calling Fate of Vimary done. There may still be some minor tweaks to various stunts depending on how things turn out in actual play, but I’ve made all of the major revisions I can think of. The largest is the use of conditions instead consequences, followed by some tightening up […]

The Dream Quest

Editor’s Note: This is a piece from the original Rusted Sky website, and the original author was not credited. If any of my Google+ peeps (of which I know there are a few from the Tribe 8 olden days) recognize it as theirs or somebody else’s, simply drop me a line and I will put […]

The Love of Sisters

Cinder: “Look, would you get rid of the DORKS!” Chigger: “Huh? Why?” Cinder: “Because they’re fuckin’ annoying.” Chigger: “No they’re not! They’re just kids. I think they’ll be really useful once they learn some shit. Like, messengers or spies or something.” Cinder: “SPIES!!! Are you out of your mind! They couldn’t keep their mouths closed […]