Juniper’s Journals: Vengeance

Entry 17 Mari-Anne Melina greeted us with her regular cheer, that is until we showed her Chigger’s leg. She immediately called for some of her aides and took Chigger upstairs to redress and fix the wound. They worked for just under an hour, Chigger screaming at the top of her lungs about how she was […]

Juniper’s Journals: The Boneyard

Entry 16 After some hard riding, we found ourselves near the south-end of the Rift. Our muscles were sore and our minds generally fatigued from the dream that had plagued our last two harrowing nights. Not having ridden a horse, for about fifteen years in my equal number of summers, made it all the more […]

Juniper’s Journals: Medusa’s Den of Wolves

Entry 15 Salor took us through the dark streets of Bazaar, always keeping to the shadows and staying out of well traveled roads. We soon found ourselves in a very questionable area of Bazaar known as the Abyss. This is where all the secret, perverted, and criminal members of the Tribes and Fallen alike get […]

Juniper’s Journals: Secret Rendezvous

Entry 14 We found ourselves on a trek to Bazaar in the hopes of discovering a safe path to get north of Mortuary. Mana, Chigger, Cinder, and I needed to get there in two days time on the full moon. Mek had advised us to use any and all means necessary to insure a safe […]

Juniper’s Journals: 13th Entry on Friday the 13th !!

Entry 13 The Elders of Hom The Sepulcher: Cinder, Mana, Chigger and I approached the large wooden door set into the mysterious tower with a sense of hesitation. Two flights of stairs led up to it, one lit by a lantern, the other cowled in shadows. We decided on the lit staircase, for obvious reasons. […]

Juniper’s Journals: The Stranger

Entry 12 Well, continuing on the recent vein, Cinder decided to lay the mother of all mother’s on us. ” Why don’t you ask Bastion, whether his master has any more secrets in store for us or not . . . his Z’Bri Lord!” she said. We picked up our collective jaws from the floor […]

Descriptive Wounds

This was originally written by Edwyn Kumar for Rusted Sky. It is also a decent reference for Consequences in Strands of Fate. Combat will, no doubt, be a part of everyone’s Cycles in some shape or form. Here’s a few suggestions for Weavers and players to make it so the standard cliché wounds and injuries […]

Bastion’s Confessions

The following were originally written by Edwyn Kumar for his website Rusted Sky, and have appeared on my Tribe 8 websites Warp & Effect and eventually Dreams of Flesh and Spirit. The Passion Of Lovers I never knew what I was until I met Cinder. Until I intentionally took her and her sister, Chigger, through […]

An Awakening

The following was written by Steve Bell for Edwyn Kumar’s Tribe 8 game. I’m rescuing it from the Wayback Machine since I no longer have my original Warp & Weft/Dreams of Flesh and Spirit website files. I’m cold. I mean really cold. Not just because it’s early spring and the wind still rips through the […]