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Tribes in the Dark Update

Update on where we're at with Tribes in the Dark?

I realized I restarted the blog without saying anything about the big project: Tribes in the Dark.

For those who don’t know, Tribes in the Dark is a Forged in the Dark powered reboot of the Tribe 8 RPG published by Dream Pod 9. The development of the new version has been sanctioned by Dream Pod 9, with the intent of launching a Kickstarter for a digital version of the complete core book (and possibly PoD). Currently, the playtest rules are available for free on DriveThruRPG.

The long and the short is that things are behind. Unfortunately, real-life interferes, and I don’t think anybody involved is immune. For myself, it’s a matter of prioritizing downtime, and work and family sometimes just don’t leave as much time and energy as I’d like.

The first few chapters of the core book are fortunately done, and it’s just been a matter of redoubling efforts to get new material written for the other parts of the book. We will try to update the quickstart with some of the corrections and feedback, and changes we’ve discovered through playtesting. And, of course, continue to playtest and tune things.

Watch this space for updates on my own play efforts (I’m going to be starting a regular “open virtual table” game night within the next few weeks), more project updates, and even some posts on the design of Tribes in the Dark.

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