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Bye-bye birdsite

On December 12th, I removed all of the tweets I could without resorting to a paid service and protected my Twitter account. I’m going to leave my bio up with every other place to find me. I figured I was just going to wait things out and see how much worse it could get.

And wow, a few days later it got a lot worse. I thought after Trump was elected that things couldn’t get any weirder, but I’ve been consistently proven wrong. I’m convinced that Twitter is absolutely fucked and there’s no coming back from it. If you’re a person who is impacted by Twitter’s degradation under Musk, I really empathize. There are way too many already being negatively affectd by all this. None of it is going to get better so long as Musk owns the company.

There are links to various socials on this blog, as well as some additional links on my linktree. dice.camp is the place I’m most active. A little-known fact is that Mastodon profiles have RSS Feeds feeds.

Be safe everyone. It’s a crazy time right now.

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