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Tribes in the Dark Role Templates

Templates for the Role VTT

Recently I decided to transition from using Roll20 to Role for my Tribes in the Dark game. Roll20 is overkill for what I need in a VTT. The sheets that I created for TitD based on Evil Hat’s Blades in the Dark sheets are really cool and automate a bunch of different things, but they’re not really intuitive and are a pain in the ass to maintain. Plus, I was paying for the developer membership and I didn’t want to renew the subscription considering I only had it to develop those sheets.

Role, on the other hand, is almost too simple. I backed the Kickstarter for it because I think its mission of creating an easy to use VTT is a good one. I’ve used it successfully for several Cortex Prime games but games with more complex sheets, such as Tribes in the Dark, were always a struggle. Role also is missing general functionality that I feel is necessary for a VTT (I have a bunch of threads in the feature request forum channel on their Discord). But recently Role announced a partnership with Owlbear Rodeo. They changed to a subscription model, but I have a year of it because of the level I backed the original Kickstarter. I started looking at it more, particularly Owlbear Rodeo which I had passed on previously because it’s also missing functionality (such as character sheets). I put together a Tales of Xadia game using the combination of the two and it impressed me enough that I took another crack at making Tribes in the Dark sheets.

I haven’t had a chance to use these yet, but I’ve learned a few lessons and tricks with Role in the past few months. I’m pretty happy the way that they’ve turned out. For anyone who is interested I’m providing links to the templates. They’re not public in the Role template library yet, at least until I put them to the test. Also there is a chance that I will tweak these, but I don’t foresee those tweaks being anything major.

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