Anatomy of a Metaplot Milestone

Expanding on the example from my last post, I’ve done a bit of thinking as to how the milestone trait and pool might work. First, we have the milestone trait itself. It’s a lot like a distinction statement, with a die rating: Build a Settlement d4. The statement defines very clearly what the milestone does: […]

More Metaplot

If you’re not familiar with the Aesop fable The Crow and the Pitcher, a thirsty crow finds a pitcher with water in it. It can’t reach the water in it with its beak, and it can’t tip over the pitcher. So it drops stones into the pitcher to raise the water level until it can […]

Cortexifying the Tribe 8 Metaplot

If you’re not familiar, Tribe 8 had a lot to love and hate about it. It was a golden example of a 90s RPG. It had a dense setting, splatbooks, and a multi-volume metaplot. The metaplot was as much a work of fiction as a campaign, with its secrets and direction revealed incrementally with each […]

It’s Been A Year?!

Decided I wanted to write a blog post, and realized it’s been an entire year since my last post. So instead, maybe a little review? Early last year, I got a fool notion in my head that it might be possible to reboot the Tribe 8 rpg. I made some calls, posted some posts, and […]

Found Some Hidden Treasure

I reinstalled Evernote on my phone last night to take a look at its ability to search handwriting in an image and I discovered a note from several years ago regarding the magic system for my setting. It’s kind of a testament to how my brain latches on to concepts and recycles them without me […]

Heritage On the Frontier

Originally I was going to start writing up some capsule descriptions of the various human cultures in Cradle, but I wanted to explore something on a slightly higher level. Out of some of the discussions about the last post came the awesome idea of allowing players define details of their character’s heritage. Originally my thinking […]

Building Conflict Into Cradle

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I actually want to do with this setting I’m working on. Building a world for its own sake isn’t really my thing; for many years, I’ve hewed to one degree or another to the concept that you only need as much world as the game (or the […]

Magic in Cradle: Wrapping It Up

Finally, I’m going to hone what I came up with in the previous posts. Not really wrapping any mechanics around it just yet, since I really want to have a basic understanding of how magic works as I continue plugging away at the overall worldbuilding. The study of magic in Cradle is commonly called arcanology, […]

Magic in Cradle (via Aria): Fundamentals

In this post I’ll be stepping through the Omnessence Fundamental section of Chapter 3. Basically, it’s just defining what actually using Torchstone looks and feels like, and what it’s capable of. This is a pretty jargon heavy chapter (what isn’t in Aria?), but I’m using more generic terms unless I’m directly referencing some concept unique to Aria. The first part of […]