Magic in Cradle (via Aria): Origin

In Aria, an Origin is simply a source of magic or powers or whatnot. There are as many combinations as there are settings, from single sources (such as Cradle) to more complicated arrangements as seen in many fantasy rpgs with divine magic; magic magic; elemental magic; etc. The foundation of the Origin is four basic […]

no dice

Originally posted on brad j. murray:
At first I just liked the idea: the ref doesn’t roll any dice. I don’t know why, but knowing myself as I do I suspect it was just the novelty of it. I frequently ref games and I am always rolling. What if I didn’t? Was there a reason…

Blades in The Dark Has The Best GM’s Advice Section

In the past, I’ve always pointed to GM’s advice such as Listen Up You Primitive Screwheads for CP2020 or Robin’s Laws of Good Gamemastering as really good sources for GM advice. And, for the most part, those assessments still stand even as my style, techniques, and goals for GMing have changed over the years. But re-reading Blades […]

A Take On Vampirism

(rescued from a really old post) I’m typically not a vampire kind of guy. I’ve played VtM and the Jyhad CCG. I usually enjoy Vampire books or movies – Anne Rice is ok, I liked the Sonja Blue books, and a the first couple of Underworld movies. I thought the vampire in the novel Blindsight was pretty cool done […]

Sources of Magic in Cradle, Part I

I have a love of symbols and logos, and that extends to runes, sigils, glyphs, circles, and wards. I also love geomantic magic such as ley lines, places of power, etc. Diabolists and Summoners from the Palladium Fantasy rpg were one of my favorite magic using classes. I had a magic system that I developed […]

Me, MeWe, and the G+ diaspora

Like a lot of G+ users who were actually using G+, the announcement that by mid-next year the platform would be shut down left quite a quandary. Where would I take my social media presence? Facebook I generally reserve for friends and family, and I’ve found the gaming discussions there to not be as satisfying as […]

Current Stuff and Things

Aside from starting to get a Roll20 Blades in the Dark game together, I have a handful of other things I’ve been pecking away at for the past year (or more in some cases). I don’t really have a priority on these things, as I kind of flit between them in slower moments at work […]

Blades in The Dark Planning and Resources

So I’ve buckled down and decided that I am, 100%, going to be starting a Blades in the Dark game in the Very Near Future(tm). Starting to run a game like BitD less than two years after it was released is a decent accomplishment for me. It took me at least three years to get […]