Facets in Retrolock

One of the Fate Core-like concepts that I really didn’t want to part with was Aspects. Having a free form descriptor or tag makes characters a lot more flexible and interesting, and bypasses having an advantage/disadvantage system – along with the trouble involved with balancing the values, deciding what qualifies as an advantage or disadvantage, […]


With the magic of triangle tables, about five years ago I put together some random tables for post-apocalyptic exploration. I’ve noticed a few tweaks I want to make still, but I figured I’d put them back out there again. These are intended for modern-ish or post-apocalypse settings. Hopefully, they have some semblance of logic (IIRC correctly […]

Actions in Retrolock

I missed updating last week, so figured I’d make up for it by writing a post with some meat to it. Previously I had mentioned that I was working on a kind of Interlock retroclone called Retrolock. While stripped down to the mechanical level it runs very similar to Interlock (roll d10 + stat + skill), games […]

Post Apocalyptic Location Inspiration

Today isn’t a Tribe 8 specific post, just more post apocalyptic in general. It’s also not going to be too long. A lot of times when I’m thinking of post apocalyptic locations, I try to reimagine what we consider everyday things around us with a different perspective. That’s how we get buzzsaws as polearm blades, […]

Could Ingress Be A Decent RPG Setting?

Ingress is an interesting beast. It’s a mobile game and has some MMO features. It’s capture the flag using your smartphone, and is the direct predecessor to Pokemon Go and the inspiration for efforts by other companies, such as the game Delta-T. There’s potential for a decent RPG buried in the Ingress backstory. The premise […]

My Vimary

Over the years, I’ve had a number of  ideas and opinions about Vimary’s default state in the main rulebook. This week I’m going to consolidate and make them a bit more concrete. H’lkar and the Skyrealms I’ve always been a little iffy on Hl’kar’s borders being so close to the Nation. Given the general theme […]


Back in December I started noodling around with the idea of an Interlock retroclone, called RetroLock. This quickly spiralled out of control, ganking concepts I like from Silhouette, Blue Planet’s Synergy system, and even newer, Communist swine narrative games. It also involves lining up concepts or implementations in those systems that I’ve never quite liked […]

Welcome To Tribe 8 Thursdays

Anyone who spends any time on my blog, knows that there’s a lot of Tribe 8 posts. A good chunk of them are posts from old blogs and websites that I have recovered, cleaned up a bit, and reposted. But, I realized tonight that there is likely a large chunk of people reading who have […]

It’s a New Year, and a new start

As is kind of human nature, with the New Year I’ve been reflecting on the past year and looking toward the next. From getting laid off from my old job in January, to getting a great new job in March, to moving halfway across the state for said job in July, to a bunch of […]