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Tales of Xadia Role Templates

Links to templates for playing Tales of Xadia on playrole.com

A couple days ago I posted about the Tribes in the Dark Role templates and I mentioned I had created templates for Tales of Xadia. I’m linking to them here. Like the TitD templates these haven’t been tested, but I already had run a few games in Role and I followed the same pattern with these so I’m confident they’ll work well.

Blank Journals


Tokens and Landing Page

On top of that, here are tokens for each of the pregens as well as a landing page I threw together.

Babukar BinetaDiyanDraylennEasgannEljaalHestia

PonmalarPyrda Routhna TressalVinayaWindaLanding Page

You can download The Whole Enchilada as a .ZIP file.

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